2019 Fall Water Main/Hydrant Flushing Begins On October 29

Sep 23, 2019 by Mark Tedeschi Massachusetts

HINGHAM, MA - (September 23, 2019) Aquarion Water Company will be starting its Fall 2019 water main/hydrant-flushing program on Sunday, September 29, 2019 in South Hingham, which will continue through the third week in October.

Water main/hydrant flushing activities will be conducted in the evenings and early morning between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., Sunday through Thursday, to minimize the impacts to Aquarion customers.

The area to be flushed is South Hingham, which includes all streets south of Ward Street, Cushing Street, and South Pleasant Street. Aquarion will send out a Code Red message each day to the targeted area to be flushed. If you are not already on our Code Red List, you can sign up on our website. Schedule information will be updated daily and is available by calling 1-800-203-7000 and/or by going to our Alert listings on our website.

While the flushing program is ongoing, customers may notice episodes of decreased water pressure or discoloration of their water. Water discoloration results from temporary disturbances of the normal water flow within our piping network. These short-term changes in flow can stir up naturally occurring minerals and sediment that settle within the water mains. The objective of the water main/hydrant flushing program is to remove these accumulated sediments from our pipes by flushing the water out of the fire hydrants.

Aquarion recommends that customers in or near the target flushing areas store water in their refrigerators for drinking and cooking. If water discoloration occurs, customers should try to refrain from using hot water (for washing laundry, etc.) and run their cold-water faucets until the water appears clear.

You can find detailed information about our flushing program and a FAQ sheet about discolored water on our site. For other questions, please call Aquarion’s Customer Service Department at 1-800-732-9678. Aquarion appreciates its customers’ understanding and patience. The hydrant flushing program is being undertaken to regularly clean our water mains and ensure customers continue to receive the highest quality water.

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Aquarion Water Company is the public water supply company for more than 750,000 people in 72 cities and towns in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  It is the largest investor-owned water utility in New England and among the seven largest in the U.S.  Based in Bridgeport, CT, Aquarion has been in the public water supply business since 1857.  Across its operations, Aquarion strives to act as a responsible steward of the environment and to assist the communities it serves in promoting sustainable practices.  Aquarion Water Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eversource.

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