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We are continuously working to maintain and improve the water system.  Some of the major projects we are currently working on involve the installation of new, or the replacement of existing, equipment and facilities needed to provide safe, reliable water service.

workers building pipe trench

Water Main Replacement on High Street (Locke Road to Pine Street) - Hampton

Jun 2, 2021 New Hampshire

Project Summary

This project is the next phase of our ongoing program of replacing old mains in the water distribution system, and is essential to providing good quality water and reliable water service. Main replacements also reduce lost water through leaks and reduce the probability of main breaks that cause service interruptions.

The 3,200 feet of water mains on this section of High Street are composed of cement pipes installed in the 1958. They have passed the end of their useful service lives and are at risk of increased frequency of leaks. The new pipe will be modern ductile iron pipe. The project will also include replacement of the company-owned portion of water service pipes (main to curb valve) to all houses in the project area.


Water main replacement work began on April 15 and is expected to take approximately three months to complete. We will work to minimize traffic delays and congestion and will keep one lane of traffic open, but the nature of the work will require some traffic restrictions during construction hours, which are scheduled for 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Police details will be on duty in the construction zone. Our contractor, American Excavating, will keep neighborhood residents informed in advance of times when traffic will be restricted.

map of High Street Main Replacement Project


  • Through Thursday, June 17, 3,427 feet of new water main has been installed between Locke Road and Pine Road; approximately 95% of the total length.
  • Starting the week of June 21, construction crews will begin moving service pipes from homes to the new main, starting at the Locke Road end of the project and moving eastward.
  • The project is on schedule to complete excavation work by the end of July.

High St water main replacement in progress

High St water main replacement in progress

High St water main replacement in progress

High St water main replacement in progress

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